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Professional websites for restaurateurs - Digital and Tradition

In recent years, the catering sector has undergone an enormous evolution.


Customers, before deciding where to eat, document themselves, search, compare, then book.

It is a common practice, which disqualifies the place that is not present on the web.

It's not enough to be there, you need to have an adequate structure.


The captivating graphics, the simplicity of exploration and the completeness of the information are the winning characteristics of a site built to satisfy all the restaurateur's needs.


Describing the place, the staff and the history is the first step in gaining trust.


The culinary proposal is a must. Whoever chooses wants to know what he will eat.


Pictures make the difference. Environments, dishes, recipes. People want to know where they will be welcomed.


The "food experience" no longer starts from when you sit down at the table, but from the moment the customer decides he wants to enjoy a meal away from home and will find your business thanks to Google campaigns or on social media

Looking for an alternative to Justeat and other home delivery platforms?


Discover our free EatNow platform

Are the required commissions eroding your income? Are the costs for home deliveries high?


We can help you!

We have developed the platform “EatNow” which allows you to convey traffic from customers who are really interested in your dishes!


A fast and economical solution for all those businesses that want to implement home deliveries by receiving online reservations


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